Midway Auto Parts
4210 Gardner Ave - Kansas City MO, 64120-1830
Midway Auto Parts
4210 Gardner Ave - Kansas City MO, 64120-1830
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 SizeBrandModelSidewallTreadPriceQuantityGradeStock #Notes
View P275/70R18StarfireSF-510BW NEW $140.00 1 A+1594A brand-new, unused tire.
View P275/70R16MichelinLatitude Tour HPBW NEW $220.00 1 A+1591A brand-new, unused tire.
View P275/65R18GoodyearWrangler SR-AOWL NEW $100.00 20 NA1627 
View P275/65R18PirelliScorpion ATRNA NEW $202.47 4 NA1619 
View P275/40R19PirelliPZEROBW NEW $238.20 6 NA1621 
View P265/65R17StarfireSF-510NA NEW $85.00 2 A+1597A brand-new, unused tire.
View P265/65R17AutoGripEcoSaverNA NEW $40.00 0 A+1578A brand-new, unused tire.
View P255/70R18HankookDynapro HT RH12BW NEW $115.00 3 A+1585A brand-new, unused tire.
View P255/70R16AutoGripEcoSaverBW NEW $80.00 1 A+1575A brand-new, unused tire.
View P255/70R16AutoGripEcoSaverBW NEW $80.00 1 A+1574A brand-new, unused tire.
View P255/65R17FirestoneDestination LE2OWL NEW $115.48 4 NA1624 
View P255/65R17GeneralGrabber HTSBW 10/32 $110.96 4 NA1599MFG #03526950000
View P255/50R20PirelliScorpion ZeroNA NEW $180.00 8 NA1610MFG #: 1780500
View P255/45R19BridgestoneDueler HP SportBW NEW $150.00 10 NA1604MFG #: B132711
View P255/40R19PirelliPZERONA NEW $165.00 2 NA1625 
View P255/40R19PirelliPZERONA NEW $165.00 1 NA1622 
View P245/60R18YokohamaGeolandar AT-SBW NEW $85.00 0 NA1605MFG #: Y01316
View P245/50R20BridgestoneDueler HL 400BW NEW $193.45 2 NA1623 
View P245/50R20MichelinLatitude Tour HPBW NEW $240.00 1 A+1590A brand-new, unused tire.
View P245/40R19ContinentalContiSportContactBW NEW $170.00 0 A+1580A brand-new, unused tire.
View P245/40R17ContinentalContiSportContactBW NEW $70.00 1 A+1614 
View P245/35R19ContinentalExtreme ContactBW NEW $165.00 1 A+1579A brand-new, unused tire.
View P235/75R17GeneralGrabber HTSBW 10/32 $105.94 4 NA1602MFG #: 15485520000
View P235/65R18CooperCS5 Grand TouringBW NEW $75.00 1 NA1615 
View P235/65R17.5CooperCS5 Grand TouringNA NEW $120.00 0 NA1564A brand-new, unused tire.

About Midway Auto Parts

Midway Auto Parts is a full service auto recycler located at 4210 Gardner Ave in Kansas City, MO. We offer a range of quality Used and New Tires in most sizes and brands. We provide professional automotive repair services. For payments we accept cash and major credit cards. Call us today at (816)241-0500
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