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4210 Gardner Ave - Kansas City MO, 64120-1830
Midway Auto Parts
4210 Gardner Ave - Kansas City MO, 64120-1830
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Tire Size: P255/65R17 Price: $110.96 (each)
Brand: General Available: In Stock
Model: Grabber HTS Category: Used
Tread Depth: 10/32 Type: All Season
Wall Type: Black Wall Stock #: 1599
Speed Load Rating: 110 S Grade: NA
Treadware: 640
Traction: A
Temperature: B  
Notes: MFG #03526950000
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The quantity shown is available as of 10/23/2018
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 SizeBrandModelSidewallTreadPriceQuantityGradeStock #Notes
View P255/65R17PirelliScorpion ATRNA NEW $103.15 10 A+1692mfg # 1727300
View P255/65R17GeneralGrabber AT2OWL NEW $122.93 7 NA1691MFG # 15447710000
View P255/65R17FirestoneDestination ATOWL NEW $125.38 6 A+1693mfg # 054307
View P255/65R17GeneralGrabber HTSBW 10/32 $110.96 4 NA1599MFG #03526950000
View P255/65R17FirestoneDestination LE 2NA NEW $115.48 4 A+1395MFG #: B098048
View P255/65R17FirestoneDestination LE2OWL NEW $115.48 4 NA1624 
View P255/65R17ContinentalCrossContact LXNA NEW $129.97 3 A+1107MFG #: 3540680000
View P255/65R17YokohamaGeolandar AT-SBW NEW $95.53 1 A+1694MFG # 01250
View P255/65R17GeneralGrabber HTSNA NEW $110.96 1 A+1381MFG #: 15448730000
View P255/65R17FirestoneDestination LE 2NA NEW $115.48 1 A+1394MFG #: B098048
View P255/65R17YokohamaGeolandar AT-SBW NEW $93.65 0 NA1038 
View P255/65R17YokohamaGeolandar AT-SNA NEW $93.65 0 A+1353MFG #: Y01250

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Midway Auto Parts is a full service auto recycler located at 4210 Gardner Ave in Kansas City, MO. We offer a range of quality Used and New Tires in most sizes and brands. We provide professional automotive repair services. For payments we accept cash and major credit cards. Call us today at (816)241-0500
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